The Mixed Blood Theatre Company is a professional, multi-racial theatre promoting cultural pluralism and individual equality through artistic excellence.

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  1. When I left the theater, my first thought was, ‘this is a play about Blacks, being prejudice about Whites, being prejudice about Blacks.’
    The writer smashed you in the face with his issues to the point when I left, I checked to see if I had any teeth left.
    If anyone can tell me precisely what his point, or ‘points’ are, I would seriously like to know what they are.
    Is his point ‘Yes Marie, there is prejudice out there’? If ‘that’s’ it, then he must have graduated from the College of the Bloody Obvious, or ‘CBO’.
    Is his point that mixed marriages are looked down upon by both races?…… CBO.
    Is his point that educated Blacks look down on ‘un’educated Blacks?….. CBO.
    Is his point that ‘un’educated Blacks would prefer to bring ‘educated’ Blacks down to their level?
    Is his point to show White people that every fear they ever had about Black people, real or imagined, is how ‘Black’ people think White people think?
    Is his point to show White women’s fantasies about Black men are what Black men ‘think’ they are?
    Is his point that middle class Black professionals don’t want a Black family next door either?
    Is his point that uneducated Blacks are all fools?
    Is his point to show ‘everyone’ that all Black people do not have rhythm?
    Before seeing the show, I was anticipating that his use of minstrel characters was going to be interesting. I was disappointed. And as I know more than a bit about early vaudeville, I thought it was a huge disservice to the great minstrel performers. None of them would have taken those gags to such total tastelessness. ‘Zip’ doing the ‘reveal’ of his dick??.. funny!
    ‘Zip’ swinging it around the stage for 4 minutes??….. not funny…. lame.
    ‘Sambo’ dragging the watermelon with his dick??… funny! Everything ‘else’ he did??….
    not funny…. stupid.
    ‘Mammy’ and her shtick??…. That ain’t no ‘Gone With The Wind’.
    ‘Topsy’??……. the character is so undeveloped she might as well not be on the stage.
    The choreography??…. there wasn’t any. You really shouldn’t try dance scenes without choreography or dancers. In the ‘rehearsals for the show’, how could this possibly have been an act handed down three generations where the current family didn’t know what to do?
    I thought the sad silence at the end was incredibly disingenuous.
    What does the writer want the audience to feel????…….
    that ‘The Crows’ are sad that they are in the position they’re in as human beings??
    If the writer is thinking they are sad because they are ‘performers’, then he is historically and socially inaccurate…. performers were among the better paid people.
    Are ‘The Crows’ angry that they are performing for White people??…. again, historically and socially inaccurate. Three generations of Black minstrels would have ‘only’ performed for Black audiences. ‘White’ performers would come and watch Black performers, then steal their act so they could perform them for White audiences. Actually, about the only thing accurate about the minstrel portrayals was the black-face.
    The stereotypes within ‘The Pattersons’ seemed pretty close to the truth; I have friends who are mixed-race couples, and they have many more complex ‘life issues’ than the rest of us.
    The stereotypes of ‘The Crows’ are what baffle me. These characters as human beings would have been over-the-top to every minstrel performer who ever lived!
    So again I ask, what is the ‘point’ of this piece?


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