Managing Director Amanda White Thietje’s acceptance speech at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Annual Conference

Posted on October 7, 2015


Mixed Blood Managing Director Amanda White Thietje:


On behalf of the staff and Board at Mixed Blood Theatre Company, I am delighted to accept
the 2015 Anti-Racism Award today, meaningfully presented at the start of the Theatre’s
40th Anniversary Season.

The Mixed Blood team would also like to congratulate its remarkable colleagues at
Washburn Center for Children, Opportunity Partners, Open Your Heart to the Hungry and
Homeless, and People Incorporated for their accomplishment today. We salute your work
and your commitment to our Minnesota communities! I’d also like to specifically thank our
Community Coordinator, Asma Haidara, and Producer in Residence, Addie Gorlin, for their
tireless community-building work in Cedar Riverside.

With year-round programming in its historic Firehouse, a touring program that visits cities,
towns, and reservations throughout the Upper Midwest, and inclusion training in the
national workplace, Mixed Blood leads audiences to its incredible neighborhood of Cedar
Riverside and to the world–a huge and pluralistic world beyond the Firehouse doors–and
gives live theatre a direct and sustainable impact in the fight for social justice and change.
In an age where equity is still not entirely observed in law or practice; when “black lives
matter” is an urgent truth worth proclaiming on public platforms–the arts are an
important vehicle for expressing societal illness that requires healing beyond just words.
Mixed Blood practices Radical Hospitality: that means a radically accessible space, live
theatre that is challenging, risky and ready for in-depth audience engagement, and a
commitment to learning from and with our communities. It also means that anyone is
welcome to see a show at Mixed Blood for free. The results are a changing audience, unlike
most audiences you see in most theatres across the country. There are more young people,
more people of color, more people who will not be limited by sexual and gender norms,
more people who absolutely can’t afford the price of admission otherwise, more people
who find the arts imperative and yet often inaccessible, and more people who believe that
the arts are a powerful, dangerous and positive tool in support of progressive and radical

Mixed Blood vows to live up to the Anti-Racism Award in the coming season; with a
renewed commitment to connecting with its Cedar Riverside neighbors, and a newly
renovated Firehouse through which radical hospitality is practiced (seriously, come
visit–the remodel is gorgeous), Mixed Blood is positioned for another forty years ahead to
serve as a hub for the elimination of racism through the arts in Cedar Riverside,
Minneapolis and beyond. Thank you again for this honor.

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