An invitation from MINNECANOS playwright Joe Minjares

Posted on October 6, 2015



I want to set aside the funny stuff for a second and write about something that I have been thinking about a lot.

The human spirit.

I sometimes wonder if we fully appreciate the struggles our immigrant ancestors faced only decades ago. My wife’s Grandfather, August Dahlquist, left his native Sweden at the age of 16. Alone on a ship with little money and only the name of a friend living in a place called Minneapolis. I imagine this young, wide eyed kid standing on the deck of the ship, looking out over the expanse of blue, letting his imagination take him to unknown places.

I think of my Great Grandmother, Ruperta Rodriguez, walking 500 miles with two small children, fleeing a revolution that took the life of her husband, leaving her with nothing but the clothes on her back, a few pesos in her pocket but with a fierce determination to protect her children and to start a new life in a place where better things were possible.

These stories are what make we Americans unique. A bottomless well of pride from which we all draw from.

A number of years ago, Jack Reuler, artistic director and founder of the Mixed Blood Theatre, asked me to write a short piece about “Chicano Pride”. What is it? Why is it? The more I wrote the more I found myself discovering my American story, my source of pride in my country. I wrote “Minnecanos”.

For years now the Mixed Blood Theater company has been touring “Minnecanos,” bringing the American story to secondary schools and colleges. This year the play will be retired and will no longer be seen.

I have asked the Mixed Blood Theater to perform it one last time at the Parkway Theater. So I invite you and your family and friends to come see “Minnecanos”, come see my American story.


Date: Sunday, October 11th
Time: 5pm
Where: Pepitos Parkway Theater
Cost: Free to everyone

Abrazos Y Besos Hermanos,