Impromptu Q&A with our friends at SAVING TAPE MEDIA CONVERSION

Posted on September 9, 2015


In preparation for our major firehouse re-construction we cleared out a lot of storage, and owe huge thanks to SAVING TAPE MEDIA CONVERSION for their amazing work converting 40 years of Mixed Blood archival footage to digital!

Q: How many hours did you convert?

THOR: Roughly 20 hours

Q: What types of projects to you do?

THOR: Our clients include families, arts organizations, not-for-profits and businesses. Flagship clients include Minnesota Historical Society, Hennepin History Museum, Carleton College, YMCA, Breck School and many more.

• all formats of videotapes to digital files and DVDs
• 8mm & 16mm movie conversion to high def digital files and DVDs
• 35mm slide scans to digital files
• Reel to Reel and Audio Cassette to digital
• LP records & 78’s to digital
• Smart phone video extraction
• photo & scrapbook scanning to digital

One of our ongoing outreach projects is to provide extensive videography, editing and production support for the Tibetan community in Minnesota. We also provide discounts to military veterans.

Q: So what format is our archival footage in now?

THOR: The Mixed Blood video archive has been saved to high quality .MOV files, which can be easily copied, edited, burned to DVD, or re-encoded for web posting.

Q: Anything interesting or unusual to report from the inside of the process?

SKYLER: It was fascinating to see familiar Mixed Blood performers showing up across the span of years this particular collection on tapes covered. it was a real treat to process them, and to get an opportunity to catch portions of the performances (portions, of course, I’m still at work!) especially those that occurred before I had moved to Minneapolis, and had heard such hugely positive things about; TOPDOG/UNDERDOG, TWO QUEENS ONE CASTLE, and THE BOYS NEXT DOOR for example. Also to see familiar shows but with different casts such as MINNECANOS, and Victor Toman’s performance of ACCORDING TO COYOTE (a show I could watch over and over) and then those I have seen, but enjoyed getting to witness again, such as 1001, and Warren Bowles’ performance of DR. KINGS’ DREAM (Coincidentally that video was captured on a computer under a portrait, here in the shop, of Dr. King himself)

Contact these guys if you’re looking for someone to take really good care of your obsolete media! For real!

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