Jack Reuler: Bodily Fluid Tales

Posted on December 25, 2014


This #ThrowbackThursday we bring you this photo of Artistic Director Jack Reuler taken within weeks of starting Mixed Blood Theatre at his sister’s home. And this list of Bodily Fluid Tales. We do not consider this a legitimate entry for #MBrecipes, Jack. This is very wrong. Happy Holidays, everyone!
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Jack Reuler:
“BLOOD: During a 2002 performance of A JEW ON ETHIOPIA STREET, which was performed on a rake stage, actress Meri Golden made a cross in the dark and tumbled off the stage into the second row (where Aditi Kapil was sitting). She gathered her composure and got back on stage, not realizing that she was bleeding profusely from her shin. The blood made its way down the rake to a small rail at the bottom of the stage, creating an ever-widening pool.
POOP: Later in 2002 during a co-production of THE BOYS NEXT DOOR, an actor, unable to hold it in but fully believing that she show must go on, pooped his pants on stage, ran off stage, ripped off his pants and drawers, threw the mess into a garbage can, and returned to patient (vamping) cast members. Because of the air control in the auditorium, a sudden emergency was called.
VOMIT: During a 1983 production of FOR COLORED GIRLS WHO HAVE CONSIDERED SUICIDE WHEN THE RAINBOW IN ENUF, an audience member who had overeaten at Annie’s Parlor got sick in the lobby. Another audience member -a nurse- tended to the ailing patron only to be barfed upon ON HIS HEAD. The male nurse was paraded through the all-female dressing room to shower, disrupting the actresses in high decibel ways.
PEE: In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s actor Steve Yoakam tried to find a moment in each production in which he was cast to feign urination in an inappropriate part of the set. It was subtle and like an Alfred Hitchcock cameo, but I always saw it and called him on it!
SWEAT: In 2010 Ansa Akyea made a glorious vertical entrance in THE ELABORATE ENTRANCE OF CHAD DEITY, dressed in a wrestling outfit that was skin-baring. He hugged women in the audience as he made his way to the stage. It never failed that the enamored aisle-sitter who got the hug had a giant perspiration wet spot all over their garb.
TEARS: The end of 2003’s SWEET NOTHING IN MY EAR always left audience members in tears- sobbing, alligator tear-filled, bawling, crying, messes.
DROOL: In SALT FISH AND BAKES (2003) the eponymous dish was cooked in real time during the performance by Greta Oglesby, ultimately being served to a salivating crowd.

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