From the desk of Jack Reuler: the 2014/2015 season kicks off with COLOSSAL

Posted on October 5, 2014



I have never had more fun planning and curating a year at the firehouse than this year. The plays we’re producing, and the plays other theaters are producing in our Alan Page Auditorium, speak to each other like never before. It is a year of fantastically complementary odd bedfellows: Taylor Mac and Sally Wingert, Katori Hall and William Shakespeare, transgender characters and transgender artists, Christians and Muslims, modern dancers and pole dancers, Africans and African Americans, the list goes on. And I’m thrilled to kick it off this Friday, October 10, with Andrew Hinderaker’s COLOSSAL, directed by Will Davis.

I have loved COLOSSAL since I read it in 2012, when the author was still a graduate student, but I have devoted a career to the themes and aesthetics contained in the vessel that is COLOSSAL. Mixed Blood is about people with differences coming together and being better for having convened, and that coexistence is usually manifest in race, culture, disability, gender, and orientation. COLOSSAL speaks to and about all of these things. The membranes between performing arts forms continually become more porous, yielding new fluid definitions of live theatre. With musicians, dancers, athletes, and actors finishing each other’s sentences and adding punctuation, COLOSSAL, with its physical and verbal communication, is illustrative of a new theatrical tomorrow with roots in yesteryear and today. As the head of a theatre that has done many sports oriented plays and as the son of a father who had ten concussions from playing football, COLOSSAL is an iconic play for Mixed Blood to tackle.

I persuaded, cajoled, and coerced Andrew to allow his masterpiece to be showcased in Mixed Blood’s Alan Page Auditorium, and am grateful to him for allowing us to share it with Twin Cities audiences. Please join us for this season, we’d love it if you’d buy a membership or two or twelve at

And to get you warmed up, here’s a sneak peek at COLOSSAL’s drum line rehearsing upstairs. See you at the firehouse!

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