#MBTselfie (sorta) from Artistic Director Jack Reuler

Posted on June 25, 2014



This is an old-fashioned non-profit appeal. June 30 is five days away, the end of our fiscal year.

As we count down the days and the dollars to balance the budget, I am hoping you’ll remember your old pals at Mixed Blood.  Last week at a national theatre conference, Mixed Blood was singled out by playwright Kristoffer Diaz for what we’re doing, and referred to as “Gangsta as fuck.”  Who knew?  (That was a major compliment, by the way.) So give to something that’s “Gangsta as fuck,” even if you know the truth.

We have balanced the budget in 36 of our 38 years, have no debt, and we’re quite proud of that.


My name is Jack Reuler, and this is my #MBTselfie.

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