Jack Reuler’s 10 Memorable Moments at Mixed Blood! Happy New Year!

Posted on December 31, 2013




10. 2002: -Actor soils his shorts on stage, departs stage mid-scene, then returns to returns to stage to complete scene. Forced intermission is enacted.


9. 1983: “For colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf” -Audience members vomits in lobby. Male nurse patron takes her pulse, and she vomits on his head. He showers in dressing room in front of all female cast. Theatre Cat eats vomit.


8. 1981 (Halloween): “Death of an Anarchist”  -Audience gets in free if they wear a costume. Actor Mike Kissin tries to borrow a mask from an audience member. When rejected, he gets pushy. Actor and audience discover together that it’s not a mask, it’s a head cast.


7. 2003: “Sweet Nothing in my Ear” -Patron on 1st date has psychosomatic reaction to a verbal description of an invasive medical procedure, and passes out in Jack Reuler’s arms, losing all vital signs. He is removed in ambulance, but recovers at hospital. They continue dating for a few years.


6. 1986: “Glengarry Glen Ross” Opening Night –in last minute inspiration, Set Designer places fishbowl with live fish on stage. Theatre Cat sits in wings meowing at goldfish for duration of Act 1. At intermission both are removed.


5. 2011: “Neighbors” –Staff member sitting in front of a portrait of Alan Page, at entrance to Alan Page Auditorium, informs Alan Page that he can’t come in because we’re full. Happily Managing Director recognizes that this is in fact Alan Page, of photo and auditorium fame, and seat is found.


4. 1989 -Tour of “Daughter of Africa” & “Paul Robeson” –Actor is locked in X-Rated video store overnight in Cleveland. Nuff said.


3. 1980: “Bloody Bess” –Design Team creates “odorama” effect for this play set at sea using oyster shells and salt water humidifiers scattered throughout the theatre. As audience exits house for intermission, 50 cats invade theatre. The effect was cut.


2. 1980: “WARP” -Actress Cheri Brown dislocates her knee on stage, and has to go to the hospital, stopping the show. The Flying Karamazov Brothers happen to be in the audience, and juggle to WARP strobe lights across audience. No one leaves.


& uncontested at #1! 2011: “Neighbors” Opening Night –Actor Warren Bowles has cardiac arrest and dies on stage in front of 200 people, in blackface and drag. He is revived by EMTs who have to cut off his prosthetic squirting breasts to perform CPR.



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