Top 6 Twin Cities Eateries according to Production Manager Julia Gallagher & her Chef husband!

Posted on December 21, 2013


Julia & Tim Selfie1. Our Favorite Fancy-Schmancy Dinner:

BOROUGH (Washington Ave, North Loop, Mpls)  We’ve only eaten here twice, but both times the menu was bold, inventive and surprising.  I’m a sucker for the converted warehouse feel and Tim spent both meals talking about how ballsy the food was in its flavor profiles.  I have heard some people have lesser experience but I believe that to be a byproduct of truly innovative cuisine (with great art comes great risk or something like that…)  Also… Parlour the downstairs cocktail lounge is terrific and gives places like Marvel Bar and Eat Street Social some solid competition.

Runners Up:  Restaurant Alma, La Belle Vie, Grand Café, Origami (Downtown Location)

2. Our Favorite Place to Take Our Parents

BUTCHER & THE BOAR (Hennepin & 10th St, Downtown, Mpls)  Meat!  More Meat!  Even More Meat!  The first time we went here it was just the two of us.  Bad idea.  Ginormous portion sizes made it not a great way to get a large sampling.  Next time, my parents paid (thanks Mom & Dad!) but more importantly with a group of four, we got to eat a lot more different things.  Also, hands down, the Hennepin Ave Manhattan is my favorite Manhattan in town.

Runners Up:  Bachelor Farmer, Saffron, 112 Eatery, Tilia

3. Our Favorite Comfort Food:

GEORGE & THE DRAGON (50th & Bryant, Lynnhurst, Minneapolis)  This British Pub is just hands down delicious.  The fairly simple menu consists of burgers, “toasties” & pub classics like Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash.  Also, lots of good beer.  And really good macaroni & cheese.  And a curry of the day.  And, and, and…  we eat here a lot!

Runners Up:  Zen Box, Blue Door Pub, Rincon 38, Broders (Pasta Bar, Terzo & Cucina)

4. Our Favorite Lunch:

BE’WICHED DELI (Washington Ave, North Loop, Mpls)  Ok, so in the interest of full disclosure, we have some major bias at play here:  this is where Tim and I went on our first date AND where we had part of our wedding reception.  But both of those things happened because this place is awesome.  Really delicious, gourmet sandwiches.  Bread made in house, meats cured in house.  Combinations like Ham, Brie and Apple Mostarda.  Seriously… go there now!

Runners Up:  Wise Acre Eatery, Victor’s 1959 Café, Café Maude

5. Our Favorite Place where Food & Fun Combine:

ICEHOUSE (Nicollet & 26th, Eat Street, Mpls)  I often feel like I’m not cool enough or hipster enough for Icehouse, but it doesn’t stop me from going there and eating and drinking until I can barely move.  A favorite birthday spot amongst my inner circle (we just celebrated a 30th B-day there last week!), the chef’s table at this restaurant gives a great view of the stage (if you go early on a weekend there is often live jazz) and of the kitchen.  The food is top-notch and the drinks affordable and delicious (sipping shots are my favorite thing ever!).  

Runners Up:  Umami by Travail (so maybe this is closed now, but look out for the re-opening of Travail!),  Union Rooftop (yes its corporate but so pretty!)

6. Our Favoritest Favoritest Restaurant:

PICCOLO (43rd & Bryant in Minneapolis)—Chef Doug Flicker’s small plate fine dining establishment.  We would go here once a month if we could afford it.  As it is, we still go about 3-4 times a year, which is bad for the pocketbook but oh so good for the tummy.  The menu changes regularly, but they always have the soft scrambled eggs with truffle butter and pickled pigs feet.  I recommend doing the tasting menu and sharing everything. Be open-minded about what you are willing to try (I leave my pre-conceived “likes” and “dislikes” behind) and just enjoy!

Runners Up:  None!  Seriously, sometimes we get behind on trying new places because we just go back to Piccolo over and over again!


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