Gearing up for the Trilogy

Posted on September 28, 2013


Whew! Anyone who thought that converting an old, 19th-century firehouse into a caberet venue capable of hosting three plays playing in rep would be a walk in the park is as dim as Brahman’s cousin Asok (that joke will make more sense to you when you see BRAHMAN/I). Like any and every theatre production, we hit some bumps on the road towards opening night but we quickly moved to straighten them out (and had tons of fun along the way. CHRONICLES OF KALKI Director Bruce A. Young is a hoot and deserves his own TV show).

We haven’t been posting much here on the blog over the last month but we have been chronicling our experience via social media. Here are some of the things we and some of our friends from the interwebs have shared about the show:

This undertaking has been a fun, challenging, and ultimately rewarding experience and we can’t wait to enjoy the opening of the Displaced Hindu Gods Trilogy with you this Saturday, October 5th!