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Posted on August 23, 2013


In October, Mixed Blood Theatre will be producing Displaced Hindu Gods: A Trilogy of Plays by Aditi Brennan Kapil. This theatrical marathon features a variety of styles: a stand-up comedy routine, a girl-gang thriller, and a science fiction fantasy. Dharani Persaud is an intern assisting in preparing for the trilogy over the summer. Below she talks about the most recent production meeting

Hello again! This is going to be my third and final blog post, as I’m already heading off to college (see classic teenage selfie below). But for now, let me tell you about the goings-on of another production meeting. This particular meeting’s purpose was to go over each play individually and address its needs.

As some of you may know, Mixed Blood served as a venue for the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Now that the Fringe is done, there will be a full light strike and a floor cleaning to get ready for changing up the theatre into the Trilogy-friendly space I talked about in my last blog.

The aspect of accessibility was also discussed, especially because it is such a large part of Mixed Blood’s mission. For at least one show of every production they have ASL interpretation and audio description available. Most performances also have projected supertitles in English. This particular part has to be thought about carefully because the supertitles have to be viewable but also not distracting from what’s going on onstage. I think it’s awesome that this is on Mixed Blood’s radar and was pleasantly surprised when it was brought up during the meeting, as I hadn’t realized how much thought has to be put into these kinds of decisions.

Another interesting topic was the idea of prop accumulation. In Shiv the final moment involves one of the characters surrounded by everything he needs. The props represent these needs, but there had to be a design to getting them on stage, without carrying them all on just for that scene. The idea was that all of these items would accumulate throughout the three plays. And then in Shiv, they would enter gradually over the course of several scenes, but never exit. This is one way the designers are tying the Trilogy together, while also being economically efficient!

I hope I’ve given you all a good taste of what’s to come. Rehearsals start soon and the Trilogy opens in October and I expect all of you who happen to read this to go and enjoy. And when you’re watching, remember all the hard work that’s been put into it over the past couple of months!

Dharani Persaud

Safe travels Dharani! Thanks for being all-around awesome. Have fun in college!!