Be our next vacation success story!

Posted on June 11, 2013


Charlie Moore, Mixed Blood’s resident “Volunteer Travel Agent,” shares anecdotes from past vacation raffle winners. 

With the end of this year’s Mixed Blood vacation raffle fast approaching (the drawing for a $2,000 Funjet vacation gift card will be June 26th), this seems like a good time to check in with past winners to see what they remember.

Barb Warner, winner of the trip to Ireland our very first raffle, wrote:

I never imagined that I would ever stay in a castle in Ireland.  Well, it happened!  In 2006 I bought a $30 raffle ticket from my friend, Eric Hyde, who was (and is still) on Mixed Blood’s board.  In May his wife, Lois, called me to announce I had won the raffle.  I was in shock.  Roundtrip air for 2, 6 nights lodging and a car were included.  It was a MAGICAL trip!  I hope I win again this year.

The 2011 raffle winner, Mary Colbert, had a similar reaction:

I was thrilled and shocked at the same time to have won a trip to Jamaica since I never win anything!  And this is such a generous raffle – a hotel stay for TWO people including airfare.  Blue skies, beautiful sandy beaches, great Jamaican food, and gorgeous sunsets right from our oceanfront room balcony.  “Ya Mon” – couldn’t ask for a better trip!  We love Mixed Blood and are always happy to support it.

I remember Mary winning pretty vividly, in part because she bought the ticket from me.  I was pouring wine in Mixed Blood’s box office (it turns into a bar for elegant events like a raffle drawing) when Anne Ulseth, the theatre’s publicist, came running up, shouting, “Mary won!  Mary won!  Mary Colbert won the trip!”

“Oh, man.  That’s great!” I said, thinking how good it was for me to have sold the winning ticket for the second year in a row.  “I’ll call her!”

“Hello,” said Mary.

“Hi, Mary, it’s Charlie.  You just won Mixed Blood’s raffle!”

“What??!!  Really??”

“Yeah, you’re going to Jamaica.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“No, I’m serious.  You’re the winner.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“No, it’s true.  Anne (a mutual friend) is right here.  She’ll tell you.”

And I handed the phone to Anne, who did indeed convince Mary that the call was legit, that I wasn’t just teasing her.

I don’t know what it says about our friendship (I’m sure it was just the unexpected excitement that caused Mary to doubt me), but I do know that Mary’s raffle tickets stubs from this year are hanging in exactly the same spot of the refrigerator that they did two years ago.

Charlie's  sold the winning ticket a number of times. Will you join his list of successful lottery winners. Will you be this year's next success story? You can't be if you don't purchase a ticket! Buy your $30 ticket here

Charlie’s sold the winning ticket a number of times. Will you join his list of successful lottery winners. Will you be this year’s next success story? You can’t be if you don’t purchase a ticket! Buy your $30 ticket here