School Matinee Madness: A brief recap

Posted on May 15, 2013


This blog post was written by Director of Touring, Charlie Moore. Charlie is responsible for booking all of Mixed Blood’s touring shows, as well as our school matinee performances. If you’re interested in bringing a Mixed Blood show to your school or community, give him a call (612.338.0937)!

Below, Charlie gives a year end recap of the school matinee program.

Mixed Blood’s production of In the Time of the Butterflies, adapted from the novel by Julia Alvarez, ended its run May 3 with a week dedicated exclusively to school-day matinees.  The show’s three previous weeks included both school-matinees and performances for the general public.

It was the theater’s 14th bilingual (Spanish/English) production in fifteen years and was seen by nearly 3700 students (and 200-some teachers and chaperones) from 86 schools, including some from Wisconsin and one from northeastern Iowa.  Most were high school Spanish students, although three colleges and four middle schools and junior highs were represented during the 27 matinees.

Moorhead High edged out Dilworth-Glydon-Felt for the longest drive to a performance (470 miles round-trip) and was one of nine schools that traveled at least 350 miles in a day.  In all, 34 of the schools were from outside the Twin Cities metro area.

Finally, four schools had reservations for In the Time of the Butterflies, but were derailed by the multiple snowstorms in April (I mean seriously. Snow in later April should be a crime!).  Zimmerman High, in fact, got snowed out twice – once on its original date and then again on its make-up date a week later.  One wishes them better luck next year.

Charlie Moore (the guy behind the bar) has been a Mixed Blood-ite since the summer of '84

Charlie Moore (the guy behind the bar) has been a Mixed Blood-ite since the summer of ’84