Peeking into the Process: How the sausage is made – hour by hour breakdown of Aditi’s writing day

Posted on May 10, 2013


Aditi B. Kapil is currently in a week-long workshop here at Mixed Blood.

Unlike most week-long workshops, Aditi has decided to tackle THREE plays in one week. The plays, currently grouped as the Displaced Hindu Gods trilogy, will be presented this fall at Mixed Blood. Aditi has agreed to blog about the experiences. Check out Part 1 and Part 2. Here’s Part 3:

Day 4:

Starting to suspect that this journaling business is way to much information about how the sausage is made. Lost my little mind over Shiv on my writing day off yesterday. It went something like this:

8am: Ok, I’ve got this, Just a shower, and that’s all I need. Then I’ve got all day.

9am: Ok, so rewriting the last half of “Shiv” will be the bulk of my day, but first I’m going to solve that problem in “Brahman/i…”

9:45: coffee and problem-solving with “Brahman/i…” director Jeremy Cohen

10:30: Problem solved. I need a donut.

11:00: Ok. Here we go. “Shiv”, scene 4.

11:30: That wasn’t so bad, now scene 5.

2:30pm: at home, now weeping, “I just cut the last two scenes off my play and I have nothing to replace them! I ruined it!!! It’s not even a play anymore, it’s a fragment!!! I had a play, and now I have a fragment!!! I don’t know what to do!!!” Husband: “You need to chill…” Me: “Oh thanks, that’s so helpful!!!”

3:00: Hot bath.

3:30: Staring at a wall thinking this is really similar to labor. And I would know, I have three kids. And the oldest is now home from school. And I don’t have a play. Husband pokes his head in: “We’ll go out for pizza tonight. No, stop, don’t cry.”

4:00: Ok, I have an hour and a half before dinner. Plug in the headphones and write. Stuff happens. Most of it gets deleted. What if I strip this down to only the most important pieces and eliminate the chaff, see what’s left?

5:30: Pizza.

7:00: Back to writing. Epiphany about ending. Too bad I’m nowhere near the ending. Wait, what if I write backwards?

8:00: Put kids to bed.

9:00: Kids are finally in bed. Husband: “How’s it going?” Me: “Dunno” Get cranberry juice and pretzels, sit back down at the computer.

10:00: writing…

11:00: writing… don’t love the end, but am at the end… and oh shit… the play is 20 pages shorter than it was… I lost 20 pages? What does that mean? Where did I lose 20 pages? Does the play even make sense without those 20 pages?

11:15: Brain break.

11:30: Re-read what I have, tweak, breathe… realize I no longer have any perspective and I no longer care.

12:30am: Email it out. I guess we’ll see what we’ve got tomorrow.

1:00am-6:00am: Weird dreams about scenes that never happen in the play. My characters hate me. Everything’s going to be ok. I just need a shower.

Come hear all of the plays in the #DisplacedHinduGods Trilogy Saturday, May 11th at Mixed Blood. Call the box office (612.338.6131)

Come hear the entire #DisplacedHinduGods Trilogy Saturday, May 11th at Mixed Blood. Call the box office (612.338.6131) for more information