Peeking into the Process: “Who the hell is Ned?!”

Posted on May 9, 2013


Aditi B. Kapil is currently in a week-long workshop here at Mixed Blood.

Unlike most week-long workshops, Aditi has decided to tackle THREE plays in one week. The plays, currently grouped as the Displaced Hindu Gods trilogy, will be presented this fall at Mixed Blood. Aditi has agreed to blog about the experiences (read part 1 here). Here’s Part 2:

Day 3

Note to playwrights out there: Workshopping three plays at once is panic-inducing. Good thing only one of them really needs intense work.

I’m rewriting the hell out of Shiv. It’s in transition, from an intellectual exercise to something with force and momentum. Grateful for the willing and generous actors who let me pick their brains after every scene.


  • What do I really think about the psychological residue of post-colonialism?
  • How to keep the play on the track of twin legacies of wealth and disenfranchisement rather than falling into current gripes.
  • Who the hell is Ned and why is he in this play?

I rewrote the first half of the play last night and now the 2nd half makes no sense. It makes so little sense I cut them off when they started reading it because I didn’t want to hear its nonsense out loud. Progress, tomorrow I’ll rewrite the rest.

I suspect part of the reason that Shiv is so hard to get right is that the other two plays are so clear in their identity. That leaves a very specific pocket for Shiv to fill, not only for herself, but in terms of her place in the trilogy. In the trinity. I can’t just explode outward, I have to craft into a shape that makes this re-mythologizing a real cycle.

Thursday is rewrite day. Good timing.

"No, really. Who the hell is this Ned guy?!"

“No, really. Who the hell is this Ned guy?!”