Peeking into the Process: Aditi B. Kapil blogs about her #DisplacedHinduGods workshop

Posted on May 8, 2013


Aditi B. Kapil is currently in a week-long workshop here at Mixed Blood.

Unlike most week-long workshops, Aditi has decided to tackle THREE plays in one week. The plays, currently grouped as the Displaced Hindu Gods trilogy, will be presented this fall at Mixed Blood. Aditi has agreed to blog about the experiences. Here’s Part 1:

Displaced Hindu Gods Trilogy workshop week journal

Day 1

When I was pretty little we lived on the 9th floor of a big red student housing complex in Stockholm, Sweden. Our next door neighbor was an Iranian guy, Said, his Swedish girlfriend, and their son, we played together a lot. One evening they took me to the theater, I don’t think I’d ever been before, and they either didn’t sufficiently explain, or I wasn’t paying attention, but we got there and took our seats, and the show started, it was “A Chorus Line”, and up on stage was Said, playing one of the leads. I freaked out and crawled under my seat. Every time he spoke I crawled under my seat, I couldn’t process it, it was too much, I pretty much remained under my seat the entire show. They kept laughing and trying to pull me out, but I literally, viscerally, couldn’t deal with what was happening, I’d never seen live theater before, so I had no filter for this collision of real life and theater. Later, in the car going home, I couldn’t speak to Said, actually I don’t think I spoke to him for a couple of weeks until the intensity of it wore off.

So yesterday, somewhere in the middle of the read-through of Shiv, I had that impulse again, my filter between life and art was down and all of a sudden I wanted to crawl under the table. Nothing was bad, it was just really close to home all of a sudden. And I hadn’t had that feeling since I was like 7, watching my neighbor in “A Chorus Line”. Comes from mining too much of my childhood into a play, probably. Makes flashbacks inevitable?

Day 1, jarring. In a good way.

Mixed Blood favorite Aditi B. Kapil embarks on a week-long workshop of her upcoming #DisplacedHinduGods Trilogy

Mixed Blood favorite Aditi B. Kapil embarks on a week-long workshop of her upcoming #DisplacedHinduGods Trilogy