Student Matinees, Public Performances, and Panel Conversations– #MariposasMBT bursts out the gates this week!

Posted on April 3, 2013


Tomorrow morning, at 9:30am, the first audiences will experience In the Time of the Butterflies. Close to 200 students from high schools in Hastings and Shakopee, MN will cram into the Firehouse and witness a dynamic story unfold in front of their eyes. Our creative team has been hard at work over the last three weeks plus and they are excited to bring the show to life. While the show doesn’t officially open until Friday, April 5th, the show is in great shape and the students are in for a treat! With eye-popping projections (designed by Micah J. Stieglitz), dazzling dresses (created by Jeffrey Bleam), and an enchanting sound score (the duo of Andrew Mayer and Victor Zupanc) #MariposasMBT is an event not to be missed! Don’t let April 27th come and go without checking out this show.

The Salon Series for #MariposasMBT will be a little different from what we’ve traditionally done. Usually we host the panel conversations on Sundays but, since there are no Sunday shows for this production, we decided to try out a few new dates. Here’s the list of Salon dates, topics, and brief descriptions:

  • Saturday, April 6th: American Latina Writers – Panelists, including In the Time of the Butterflies playwright, Caridad Svich, will discuss the role of female writers in shaping both American Latino culture and the larger “American” culture
  • Thursday, April 11th: Living Under Dictatorships – The Mirabal sisters were part of the movement to overthrow Trujillo and their revolutionary spirit inspired multiple revolutions, both then and now. This panel conversation will talk about life during reigns of dictatorship; the bad and the good
  • Friday, April 12th: Latinos in Politics – If we learned anything from the recent presidential election we learned that minority communities, especially Latinos, have a strong political voice. Our panel will feature several local Latino politicians and we’ll discuss the impact of Latinos in politics; past, present, and future.
  • Thursday, April 25th: Adapting Real Events for the Stage or Screen – “Based on” is a familiar phrase to movie-goers. Screenwriters often use real events as inspiration for their films but, for dramatic purposes, fictionalize some events. Movies like “Argo” and “Zero Dark Thirty” have been criticized for doing that but should they have been? This salon will discuss the limits of artistic license.
Origami butterflies

Support Radical Hospitality (and make our lobby pretty) by purchasing one of these beautiful origami butterflies for only $5!

The Salons aren’t the only thing that’ll be a little different for the show. Mixed Blood’s lobby will be taken over by butterflies!

Support the spirit of Radical Hospitality and represent yourself as a Hospitalitan by purchasing one of these origami butterfly darlings for $5 at the Mixed Blood box office! Write a shout out or scribe your John Hancock on them and fly your butterfly high over the firehouse lobby. You might even see your message on Facebook, Twitter, or right here on the MBT Blog.

At Mixed Blood, it’s not about what you give- it’s participation that matters. Butterfly-shaped cards will be available for $1 OR FREE for folks that bring guests who have never been to our theatre. That’s recognition for being popular!

There are plenty of reasons to travel down to Cedar-Rvierside and come check us out. Hope to see you soon!