Tons of exciting news about #LMNOPmbt!!

Posted on February 14, 2013


We’ve been so quiet on the blog recently because we’ve had our noses to the “proverbial” grindstone (we promise that AD Jack Reuler isn’t “really” grinding our noses down…we also promise that he didn’t make us write that…) preparing for our first show of 2013 ELEMENO PEA (#LMNOPmbt). We open Molly Smith Metzler’s hilarious new comedy in a week’s time and we wanted to share with you some of the recent updates.

Molly Smith Metzler's ELEMNEO PEA is a fun new-play that asks deep questions

Molly Smith Metzler’s ELEMNEO PEA features Grace Gealey*, Laurine Price, and Sun Mee Chomet* (l to r)

#LMNOPmbt Salon Topics 

In keeping with our Free Speech program’s themed salons, ELEMENO PEA will have four panel-led discussions following each Sunday matinee performance. Here are the topics:

  • February 24th – Sibling Rivalries: what happens when siblings live dissimilar lives? – If you thought the Harbaugh brothers battling it out for the Super Bowl was something, just wait to you see the siblings in ELEMENO PEA go at. In honor of the age-old competition between siblings, we will host a salon that will try to get to the root of sibling rivalries.
  • March 3rd – Ivy League Students of Color – This conversation will explore what life is like for students of color at America’s elite universities. Do they feel more isolated? Do they feel a stronger desire to assimilate to the dominant culture? Do they enjoy the same “Ivy League” benefits as their white classmates? Our panel will discuss these questions and more. This salon is part one of an on-going speaker series collaboration between Mixed Blood Theatre and Park Square Theatre. This May, Park Square will present Lydia Diamond’s STICK FLY that explores many of the same themes as ELEMENO PEA. Stayed tuned for more info!
  • March 10th – Modern Servant Culture – Long gone are the days of forced labor and indentured servitude but we, as Americans, still have a culture of domestic service. Our panelists will discuss modern servant culture, from maids, housekeepers, and caretakers to personal assistants, secretaries and interns
  • March 17th – Martha’s Vineyard Culture – We conclude our salon series with an in-depth conversation about the history of Martha’s Vineyard. Often regarded as the “vacation place of the stars” Martha’s Vineyard has a deep, and often misunderstood, history.

As always, following every performance of ELEMENO PEA, we will have our nightly post-show conversations, Free For(u)ms.

Mixed Blood partners with Theatre Plus Network on new “augmented reality” technology

By downloading Theatre Plus Network, a great new app, you can access insider content for the show!

By downloading Theatre Plus Network, a great new app, you can access insider content for the show!

Theatre Plus Network (TPN), powered by Atlanta-based start-up Stevens Interactive, is a live publishing, “augmented reality” application created for Smartphones and mobile devices that gives life to printed materials. Created by Dave Stevens, TPN is designed exclusively for performing arts organizations looking for innovative ways to engage with their audiences. As Mixed Blood is dedicated to finding new ways to revolutionize access to theatre, this partnership was a no-brainer!

By downloading the TPN app on your smartphone or mobile device (Download the iPhone app: Download the Android app:, and scanning our image for ELEMNO PEA (below), you can access exclusive content for the show! Check it out now!!

The firehouse is full of artists working to get ELEMENO PEA ready and we can’t wait to add the most important ingredient; YOU! Hope to see you at the show soon!

ELEMENO PEA opens at Mixed Blood on Feb. 22nd!

Scan the house in this image to access exclusive footage from the show!