Mixed Blood’s bilingual production of “Minnecanos” now playing!

Posted on March 12, 2012


Mixed Blood’s Minnecanos, written by Joe Minjares, (you can see the video from his Salon here) opens this week at the Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis and marks Mixed Blood’s thirteenth bilingual production attended largely by high school students studying Spanish.

Over the course of the next two weeks, almost 3,000 students from Wisconsin, Iowa and North Dakota and from throughout Minnesota – from Lake City to Staples and Mabel to Minneapolis – will see this expanded and updated version of Mixed Blood’s venerable touring show.

The first productions (The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico and La Nona) featured school-day matinees and some evening performance entirely in Spanish and some evening show entirely in English.  Later productions – from Wait Until Dark and the Wonderful Ice Cream Suit – had bilingual characters, so the matinees and some public performances had both Spanish and English spoken while other public performances still remained entirely in English.  Ten Percent of Marta Solano had two different casts: one performed in Spanish, one in English.

While largely successful, this system was not without drawbacks.  Beginning or less-fluent Spanish students were sometimes overwhelmed by sheer speed of the dialogue and checked out, actors felt like they were learning and performing two shows for the price of one, public audiences were split between those who understood Spanish and those who did not.

A lot of those concerns were addressed when projected English titles began being used withThe Pajama Game in 2007. Recently the proverbial light bulb went on and Mixed Blood is taking the next logical step with Minnecanos and adding projected Spanish titles during the English dialogue.

While the student matinees are closed there are a few public performances. You can find that show schedule here. Like all of our mainstage shows, Radical Hospitality, our no-cost admission program, is in full effect. We will also continue our Free Speech program. The #Minnecanos series will offer 3 Salons and  1 Free For(u)m. Here are the Salon topics for #Minnecanos:

  • From Touring to Mainstage: The Process of Re-creating Minnecanos (3/15)
  • Not your Grandma’s Horchata – passing on cultural knowledge from generation to generation (3/18)
  • The History of Latino Representation in the American Theatre (3/24)
"Minnecanos" is now showing at the Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis

"Minnecanos" is now showing at the Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis