Opening Weekend… What a party!

Posted on February 15, 2012


Crashing the Party kicked-off Friday night and the firehouse has been celebrating since! Friday’s show premiered to a full house full of laughter! The party continued from the stage to the lobby where Holiday Inn graciously catered food and beverage to our audience members – which kept our lobby packed!

The cast of "Crashing the Party" (Rich Ryan)

During Saturday’s performance, we had a few SpeakEasy Journalists in attendance who were asked to see the performance and offer up their own report about the show via social media. Keep an eye out for the reviews on Mixed Blood’s Facebook or Twitter. After the performance there was also a Free For(u)m chat with Producer-in-Residence, Jamil Jude.

After the matinee performance on Sunday, the first of our 5 Salons took place, focusing on the topic ‘Old-Fashioned New Plays.” The panel included playwright Josh Tobiessen, director Sarah Rasmussen, and Sally Wingert. Below is a screenshot of some of the comments made throughout the Salon: