Introducing, Mo Perry… Watch out, she’s got a tazer.

Posted on January 24, 2012


Name sound familiar? Well, if you were able to be at Mixed Blood for Somebody/Nobody or My Secret Language of Wishes, that may be where you know her from. Or perhaps you’ve seen her in other productions around the Twin Cities, seen her posts on, articles in the City Pages, or even know her as ‘Best Actress of 2010.’

If you have no idea who we’re talking about, lucky for you, you can see Perry in the upcoming production of Crashing the Party by Josh Tobiessen. Perry will be playing the role of Agent Grant who, according to Mo is, “a good mom who has loved and lost, and sometimes uses her tazer first and asks questions later.”

Over the weekend we conducted a little interview with Mo, via our  Twitter account. Below are a few screenshots from the interview and in case you missed it while it was happening, the entire conversation can be found under the hashtag #PartyMBT.

Mo Perry – Mixed Blood: Crashing the Party, My Secret Language of Wishes, Somebody/Nobody. Twin Cities: Children’s Theatre Company, Park Square Theatre, Torch Theater, Gremlin Theatre, Walking Shadow Theatre Company, Joking Envelope, Workhaus Collective. Awards: City Pages Best Actress 2010..