Our Resolution to You

Posted on January 5, 2012



As we embark on our 36th year of existence, we are looking to make 2012, and the remainder of our 35th season, the best we can. Continue to expect nothing but our best; a strong commitment to accurate portrayals of the multiplicity of voices that make up our communities and fearless storytelling. Here is what else we resolve to bring you in the New Year:

  • No plays by dead Englishmen
  • Get Greener
  • Spanish Accessibility Night for each show
  • At least one bow-tie in the lobby per week
  • Get our credit card receipts to our Bookkeeper, Kurt Stocke, on time!
  • Find sustenance for Radical Hospitality
  • Have hot coffee available at concessions
  • Clean up our driveway
  • A Mixed Blood that has adaptability, resilience, collaborative ongoing reorganization, and vision.  A theatre that is by, about, for, with and near community, that allows for the realization of beauty, that is a transparent vessel for honesty, self-criticism, and dissent, that widens the base of the American theatre audience, and that dilutes and strives to eliminate notions of elitism
  • An elevator and better bathrooms
  • Lose those last few pounds (isn’t this on everyone’s list?)

Like any resolution we need you, our good friends and supports, to help keep us on track. Demand nothing but our best from us and we will strive to bring it to you. Thank you. We are humbled by your support.

Here is to a wonderfully prosperous 2012!

Happy New Year from Mixed Blood

Happy New Year from Mixed Blood