Tonight’s Livestream event starts @ 7:00 CST!!

Posted on November 22, 2011


Yesterday was our prep day and we will work out the final kinks today. It’s been a lot of fun and hard work to get us to this point but we are really excited to share this work with our Global Village!

Tonight’s performance of Ken LaZebnik’s “On the Spectrum” will be broadcasted, live, on #NewPlay TV @ 7:00 PM CST (you can RSVP on the site to be reminded of the performance). Our idea to broadcast this performance comes to our desire to have this show reach the members of our community in which it is intended for. In our choice to produce this show, we realized some members of the Autism community would not be able to attend the performance in the theater. It became our goal to find a way to still have them see the show and participate in the conversations the show sparks. Working with the wonderful team at Arena Stage and their American New Voices Play Institute, we hope to provide an opportunity for many people to take advantage of.

Much thanks to everyone who has spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, meet-ups, watch parties, word of mouth, the press, etc. We hope you enjoy the performance!