Behind the scenes look at our Center of the Margins Festival

Posted on November 16, 2011


Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite performances? Well, now’s your chance to hear multiple perspectives from the actors, directors, and playwrights of our ‘Center of Margins’ festival productions:

Jamil Jude, our producer in residence, sat down with Aditi Kapil (director of Gruesome Playground Injuries), Nic Zapko and Alexandria Wailes (actors in GPI), Marion McClinton (director of My Secret Language of Wishes), Cori Thomas (MSLW playwright), Jack Reuler (Mixed Blood’s artistic director and director of On the Spectrum), and Regina Maria Williams (actor in OTP).

More from Aditi Kapil, Nic Zapko, and Alexandria Wailes on Gruesome Playground Injuries:

Also, following tonight’s performance of Gruesome Playground Injuries, join us for our third Salon discussing the topic of ‘Deaf Actress in the American Theatre: Challenges, Success, and the Future.’ Our final Salon during the ‘Center of the Margins’ Festival will take place after tomorrow’s performance of My Secret Language of Wishes, which will host the topic, ‘Autism in East African Communities.’

We look forward to seeing you!