The Center of the Margins festival kicks off tonight!

Posted on November 11, 2011


It’s finally here! The Center of the Margins festival begins tonight with two premieres! The first show of the night which will begin at 7pm, is Gruesome Playground Injuries, by Rajiv Joseph and directed by Aditi Kapil. Gruesome Playground Injuries tells the story of  two young girls, age 8, who meet in a school nurse’s office, beginning a lifelong relationship which is revealed through the injuries they sustain, both physical and emotional, over 30 years.  Featuring two of the most gifted deaf actresses working today, Alexandria Wailes and Nic Zapko, this tough and lyrical piece uses American Sign Language, chalkboard drawings and a live soundtrack by composer Nicolas Carter on electric harp, to investigate love, sexuality, and true friendship.

Nic Zapko and Alexandria Wailes, photographed by Rich Ryan

Followed by a brief reception, the second show of the night, My Secret Language of Wishes, will be begin at 9:30pm. My Secret Language of Wishes, written by Cori Thomas and directed by Marion McClinton, explores unconditional love, the definitions of family, and the complexities and legalities at the intersection of race and custodial care.

Taj Ruler, Brittany Bradford, and Jevetta Steele, photographed by Rich Ryan

The festival will continue tomorrow at 7pm with the world premiere of On the Spectrum by Ken LaZebnik, directed by Jack Reuler. On the Spectrum tells the story of how a young man with Asperger’s connects online with a woman who proudly champions her autism as a difference, not a disorder. This love story between an “aspie” and an “autie” reveals the contradictions between finding success as yourself and on the world’s terms, and the conflict between the desire for acceptance and the desire for achievement.

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