Mixed Blood Theatre Featured on #NewPlay Blog

Posted on November 5, 2011


On Friday, November 4th, the New Play Institute at Arena Stage posted the transcript of a recent interview conducted by New Play Producing Fellow, Erin Washington, and a few of us here at MBT. The interview discusses Radical Hospitality; its genesis, early success stories during Neighbors, and what’s next. Below you’ll find a few excerpts:

Get Radical!!

Radical Hospitality

Erin: Radical Hospitality-Where did the concept come from?

Amanda: Well, a conversation that always comes up at Mixed Blood is what are the barriers to access for our audience. One of the barriers that kept coming up in staff conversation was that people can’t afford tickets. A conversation started around well what happens if we remove that barrier to access

Erin: How long will Radical Hospitality go on?

Amanda: We hope it goes on from here on out.

Erin: Do you feel that this is a practice that other theatres should do?

Jamil: I think it’s hard. Every theatre won’t be able to give the tickets away for free. The key is the mission. Our mission makes us do this. If we’re going to walk our talk, this is something that we have to do.

(In response to the benefits of Radical Hospitality):

It creates a really great house at the end of the night, especially when we have the post show conversations with the mix of first time theatre goers and longtime subscribers to Mixed Blood. When we start talking about a show like NEIGHBORS, you’re getting a wide array of people to join a conversation. I think it’s enhanced what our season subscribers take away and is a beneficial product to the community we serve.

To read the full interview click here.

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