Where have we been?!

Posted on October 22, 2011


“In our connected world” it seems like if you haven’t heard from someone in 5 minutes they may have fallen off the face of the earth. When you haven’t heard from them in weeks, you are ready to go to their home and look for them with a SWAT team right behind you. For those of you who had grown accustomed to hearing all about what’s going on in the firehouse on fourth, we apologize for being absent. Hopefully you’ll forgive us after a brief update.

Fresh off of our run of Neighbors, we begin work on our Center of the Marins festival (MarginsMBT). Starting this week we’ve had three shows in rehearsal in three different locations! I’ve had the lucky task of stopping in on all three. While each show features characters with disabilities, the shows all speak to life in three distinct ways. The beauty of love and friendship flow through each show.

The theater isn’t empty though as Theatre Mu is enjoying a successful run of a new play entitled “Four Destinies”. It’s been a great partnership as Mu’s show falls in line with our overall mission of addressing issues of culture and race through theatrical excellence. “Four Destinies” runs until October 30.

Once Mu’s show closes, rehearsals for the festival will move back into the building. Over a short time frame, we will rehearse, tech and prepare three shows for their opening weekend (Nov. 11-12). It is going to get real crazy around here! Send over a care package as we’ll be spending A LOT of time inside of a dark theatre 😦

We’ll post the videos from the Sunday Salons next week. We’ll also post a couple interviews of various artist who will be featured in our festival. We promise never to leave you for so long!

-Jamil Jude, Producer in Residence


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