Free Speech

Posted on September 14, 2011


Free Speech

It is such an honor to be a member of the staff here at Mixed Blood. After meeting Jack, hearing about the company and it’s mission, I couldn’t think of any other place I should be and any other theater I would want to work for. So much so that I packed my life in a U-Haul and drove 24 hours from Washington, D.C. to Minneapolis. Many of my friends and family (especially my mother) asked me, “why would you move so far?!” My answer was simple; I love theatre that creates conversation and no one does it better than Mixed Blood.

Mixed Blood understands that theatre is not created in a vacuum; it is presented to the world and, when done right, inspires hours of conversation. It is our hope that you want to talk about this show! We respect the opinions of our patrons and we encourage you to think, question, blog, Tweet, and share your thoughts with friends, family, co-workers and US!

This year, we are trying to provide more ways for our global community to discuss, engage, challenge, question and enjoy the work we produce on our stages. After every performance of Neighbors audience members will be invited to participate in an open discussion about the show they just enjoyed. These discussions, called FREE FOR(U)M, are a safe space for audience members to freely and candidly discuss their feelings and connections to the work. I will be present to provide any context and help move conversation along, but the focus of each discussion will be lead by you, the audience!

In addition to the FREE FOR(U)MS, after ever Sunday matinee, a panel of scholars will lead a discussion on a variety of show related themes and topics. Please check our website for dates, speakers and topics.

We know that all conversation around the show won’t happen in our theater so we’ve established a way to extend the conversation to our entire global village. By using #NeighborsMBT in all of your Tweets around the show, or by sending questions/responses to us @mixed_blood, you can share your thoughts at any time. Search #NeighborsMBT on Twitter to receive real-time updates on the conversation around the show.

So please, take advantage of all opportunities to share your thoughts! Come to the forums and salons! Tweet us! Leave a note on the lobby’s message board! We look forward to the conversation.

-Jamil Jude, NNPN Producer in Residence