GIVE TO THE MAX day, Nov 12 2015!

November 9, 2015


Mixed Blood’s future is bright as it enters into its 40th Season in 2015-2016. Since the launch of Radical Hospitality, providing no-cost admission on a first come-first serve basis to all guests, Mixed Blood has taken its vision of revolutionizing access to new levels. Motivated by this deep mission-driven commitment to access and to ensure […]

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Managing Director Amanda White Thietje’s acceptance speech at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Annual Conference

October 7, 2015


Mixed Blood Managing Director Amanda White Thietje: On behalf of the staff and Board at Mixed Blood Theatre Company, I am delighted to accept the 2015 Anti-Racism Award today, meaningfully presented at the start of the Theatre’s 40th Anniversary Season. The Mixed Blood team would also like to congratulate its remarkable colleagues at Washburn Center […]

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An invitation from MINNECANOS playwright Joe Minjares

October 6, 2015


Amigos, I want to set aside the funny stuff for a second and write about something that I have been thinking about a lot. The human spirit. I sometimes wonder if we fully appreciate the struggles our immigrant ancestors faced only decades ago. My wife’s Grandfather, August Dahlquist, left his native Sweden at the age […]

Impromptu Q&A with our friends at SAVING TAPE MEDIA CONVERSION

September 9, 2015


In preparation for our major firehouse re-construction we cleared out a lot of storage, and owe huge thanks to SAVING TAPE MEDIA CONVERSION for their amazing work converting 40 years of Mixed Blood archival footage to digital! Q: How many hours did you convert? THOR: Roughly 20 hours Q: What types of projects to you […]

Production Manager Earl introduces -ISM, our Major Gifts Campaign

August 18, 2015


Aspiring to pursue our future with vision and health, the Mixed Blood Theatre Company is embarking upon a $2.4 million Major Gifts Campaign designed to ensure the organization has the infrastructure, facilities, and resources it needs to achieve its mission and vision, adhere to its core values, and accomplish its short and long-term strategic priorities. […]

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Mixed Blood Lobby Demolition- 8/13/15

August 13, 2015


No more Box Office??? No more bathrooms??? What is happening to our theatre???? Get your season memberships now and come find out! Construction Countdown: T minus 63 days to our 40th Anniversary Season! (awesome video courtesy of Ian McCallum of Alta Contractors)

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Artistic Director Jack Reuler, introducing our building renovation capital campaign: -ISM!

August 12, 2015


Jack Reuler: “Defying sexism, classism, and racism, our idealism has presented pluralism, humanism, and individualism via activism, eschewing gradualism, realism, and naturalism, ignoring skepticism & criticism, enduring narcissism, egotism, and occasionally nepotism, producing plays about autism, negating exoticism, and yes, occasionally, embracing homoeroticism, thanks to the altruism of so many. So, as we swing the […]

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